Thank you to all who auditioned. We had a much larger number audition than expected and it was impossible to use everyone. In many cases conflicts influenced casting. Even for those cast, where you were cast was specifically planned around your conflicts to ensure you are present at rehearsals for the songs you are in. Because of this, no additional conflicts will be accepted. I will have the complete rehearsal schedule out by Saturday. We will have a first cast/parent meeting on Wednesday April 25th at 6:30 at Viz. At this meeting we will make sure we are all on the same page, we will collect the $150 production fee (need based scholarships are available) and we will take measurements for costumes. This meeting is for parent and child and will last about an hour.

Please e-mail to accept your role.

Big Fish Cast
Edward Bloom – Bryce Miller
Will Bloom – Thomas Schartner
Sandra Bloom – Maddie Lay
Josephine Bloom – Claire Himstedt
Young Will – Grant LaMartina
Don Price – Jonah Darian
Zacky Price – Charlie B. Southern
The Witch – Carolyn Karutz
Jenny Hill – Cara Palombo
Karl, the Giant – Jack Villhard
Amos Calloway – Matthew Cox
The Mermaid – Sarah Henderson
Dr. Bennet – Camden Brazile
Nathan Gallop – Frustrated Fisherman
Alabama Lamb – Brooke Westcott
Alabama Lamb – Kendall Allen
Will’s Son – Noah Cox

Witches (song: I Know What You Want)
Joelle Aaron, Kira Averett, Kendall Allen, Zoe Clark, Isabella Devine, Madeline Hewgley, Bella Leonard, Nadia Rawlins, Cara Palombo, Abby Szewczyk
Wedding Guests
Sam Bippen, S. Becket Clark, Connor Donnelly, Nathan Gallop, Liv Hand, Lily Kinnison, Addie Kramer, Jael Masloski, Lily McDonald, Adam Poger, Nadia Rawlins, Grace Shaughnessy, Oliver Strohmeyer, Abby Szewczyk, Rori Thomason
Ashton Townfolk (songs: Ashton’s Favorite Son, Out There On The Road, Start Over)
Joelle Aaron (Schoolteacher), Reagan Austin, Carlin Bippen, Sam Bippen (Mayor), Camden Brazile, S. Becket Clark (shotgun toter), Holly Connor, Colin Depke, Anna DeMarco, Connor Donnelly, Christine Fink, Nathan Gallop, Meredith Gerard, Mary Hayes, Molly Higgins, Sarah Hyme, Lilly Kinnison, Alex Kulczycki, Bella Leonard (cheerleader), Julia Moore, Adam Poger, Sarah Ratcliff (Sharecropper), Emma Reinagel
Ashton Children (Songs: Ashton’s Favorite Son, Out There On The Road)
Harrison Brown, Caroline Campbell, Noah Cox, Paige Cuddihee, Jillian Depke, Micah Doherty, Grace Ferguson, Abigail Hogan, Caroline Joyce, Cole Joyce, Addie Kramer, Jane Kramer, Gigi Koster, Jack Kuhlman, Adaeze Loyno, Natalie McAtee, Cooper Menne, Sammi Parsons, Trudy Redmond, Lucas Strohmeyer, Oliver Strohmeyer, Sylvia Strohmeyer, Katie Beth Terrill, Noah Van Ess
New Yorkers
Mary Hayes, Julia Moore, Noah Cox, Joelle Aaron, S. Becket Clark
Circus Performers (Song: Closer To her)
Kira Averett, Isabella Behrle, Sam Bippen, Camden Brazille, Harrison Brown, S. Becket Clark, Isabella Devine, Connor Donnelly, Lucy Ferguson, Nathan Gallop, Liv Hand, Sarah Henderson, Sophia Klobe, Peyton LaMartina, Adam Poger, Grace Shaughnessy, Rori Thomason, Jessica Villmer, Brook Westcott
Sorority Girls
Kendall Allen, Kira Averett, Brooke Westcott
USO Tappers (Song: Red, White and True)
Kendall Allen, Kira Averett, Sarah Henderson, Madeline Hewgley, Jael Masloski, Lily McDonald, Brooke Westcott, Grace Shaughnessy, Abby Szewczyk
USO Singers (song: Red, White and True)
Reagan Austin, Carlin Bippen, Anna DeMarco, Liv Hand, Sarah Ratcliff, Emma Reinagel
Soldiers (song: Red, White and True)
Sam Bippen, Camden Brazile, S. Becket Clark, Connor Donnelly (general), Nathan Gallop (Red Fang), Alex Kulczycki
Fire (dance)
Zoe Clark, Isabella Devine, Sophia Klobe, Peyton LaMartina
Saloon Girls (song: Showdown)
Kendall Allen, Zoe Clark, Lucy Ferguson, Sarah Henderson, Madeline Hewgley, Sophia Klobe, Peyton LaMartina, Jael Masloski, Lily McDonald, Nadia Rawlins, Grace Shaughnessy, Rori Thomason
Cowboys (song: Showdown)
Sam Bippen, Camden Brazile, S. Becket Clark, Connor Donnelly, Nathan Gallop, Adam Poger, Colin Depke
Micah Doherty, Cooper Menne (over-excited scout), Lucas Strohmeyer
Alabama Stomp (Song: Be The Hero/Alabama Stomp)
Joelle Aaron (Ashton School Teacher), Kendall Allen (Alabama Lamb) Reagan Austin (USO singer), Isabella Behrle (circus performer) Camden Brazile (soldier) Harrison Brown (Circus Performer) Matthew Cox (Amos) Jonah Darian (Don), Connor Donnelly (cowboy) Nathan Gallop (frustrated fisherman), Mary Hayes (Ashton Townsperson) Sarah Henderson (Mermaid) Madeline Hewgley (Saloon Girl), Carolyn Karutz (Witch) Sophia Klobe (circus performer), Bella Leonard (Ashton Cheerleader) Cara Polombo (Jenny Hill), Charlie B. Southern (Zachy) Abby Szewczyk (USO girl), Lily McDonald (Saloon Girl), Sarah Ratcliff (Sharecropper)