I apologize for the delay.  I am not sure what I was thinking when I said I would post a cast list mid week of the first week of school (I am a full time teacher for those that do not know).  Thank-you to all who auditioned.  It is never an easy decision.  Below is the cast list.  For those waiting to here casting decisions from other companies, casting in The Just So Stories in contingent on the amount of conflicts with other shows.  Once you know details please let me know immediately and we will see if it works for you to remain in The Just So Stories.  I am postponing the cast meeting schedule for this week until all other companies have cast their shows.  Thank you for your patience.  Please email by Monday, August 27th to accept your role.  If you are waiting on other casting decisions, please clarify that in your email.  

Jessica Villmer – Elsie, Narrator #1
Abbey Paul – Lizzie, Dog
Finley Hercules – Alexandra, Camel
Ellie Pohling – Hannah, Ox
Eli Elder – Bert, Djinn
Jack Kuhlmann – Gerard, Horse
Katie Beth Terrill – Agnes, Narrator #2
Cooper Menne – Peter, Rhinoceros, Narrator #5
Lola Bishara – Victoria, Parsee
Holly Connor – Christina, Narrator #3, Ostrich
Theo Wickersham – Thomas, Dingo
Brea Johnson – Alice, Nquong, Farmer
Avery Smith – Becky, Kangaroo
Bella Behrle – Florence, Narrator #4
Jillian Depke – Faith, Tortoise
Lucas Strohmeyer – Teddy, Hedgehog
Abby Hogan – Kay, Jaquar
Grace Ferguson – Louisa, Crocodile
Mia LaMartina – Mary, Snake
Paige Cuddihee – Beth, Elephant Child
Audrey Strohmeyer – Mary, Kolokolo Bird
Ellemieke Ferguson – Emma, Baboon
Katherine Wheeles – Nora, Giraffe
Kayley Thomason – Eleanor, Nqu, River
Adair Wickersham – Esther, Tiger, River
Sylvia Strohmeyer – Flora, Monkey, River
Tatum Douglas – Lily, Nquing, River
Luke Behrle – Oscar, Hyena